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This live 1-1 course is run by Sam Ovett - Co-Founder Mobile Pocket Office, Certified Wicked Reports Partner


Get Wicked Smart

Wicked Reports Audit & Drivers Ed

What To Expect

The Audit - Know you can trust the data.  Three separate 1-1/2 hour long calls to audit your wicked account and all connections and confirm data and if not correct, get it working right. This can be a brand new account or an existing Wicked Reports account. The audit is required before we do drivers ed.

Together we make sure you have all the following done right. If you need custom integration built that will be quoted separate from the audit.

  • Connecting your CRM and Lead conversions
  • Connecting your Shopping Cart or Payment sales conversion
  • Ad Platform Integrations
  • Tracking Code Installation and validation
  • Attribution Time Window considerations
  • Turning on Organic Tracking

The goal in this phase is to track as many orders as possible. Each attribution model, by both design and depending on your marketing strategies, will have varying degrees of success attributing your orders.  We determine your Attribution Health using a metric called Attribution Coverage.  Attribution Coverage is the % of orders Wicked is able to track for a given attribution model.

Some online customers, such as those using Shopify exclusively as their Order system, are able to track a high % of orders very quickly.  Others, with offline sales processes that require a manual CSV import or other delayed revenue processes, will proceed more slowly in this phase.

After the Audit we recommend you go through our Wicked Drivers Ed Program.

Wicked Drivers Ed - Let's Go Fast

This program is 1-1 and entirely focused on looking at your data. It is 6 sessions over 2 months. Each session is 11/2 hours. First we do 1 session a week for 4 weeks then move to 1 session every 2 weeks in the second month.


Session #1 – The first session: Getting you and your entire team crystal clear on how wicked reports works.

Session #2 – We teach you how to get immediate revenue insights. We'll cover the following.

Buying Cycle and LTV ( Life Time Value)

  • Determine new lead to sale conversion time
  • Evaluate new lead lifetime value

New Lead Cohort

  • What you would pay for new leads?
  • When do you break-even on lead gen campaigns?
  • Recurring Revenue type sales.
  • Customer Cohort

What is an optimal cost to acquire a customer when I want to break-even as fast as possible?

  • How profitable are my customers over time?
  • When do I break-even acquiring a customer?
  • When do the customers double in value?
  • What was the best marketing for generating customers?


Session #3 – This session is all about understanding how to use the different attribution models to optimize your ad spend so you can scale it by matching your marketing goals to the right attribution model. We'll cover.

  • First Click - What drives initial brand awareness and new eyeballs?
  • New Lead First Opt-in - What acquires new leads at a high ROI?
  • Re-Engaged Lead Re Opt-in - What re-activated existing leads?
  • Last Click - What closes the sale?
  • Linear and Full Impact - What marketing is working so you can optimize ad spend


Session #4 – In this session we'll make decisions together to optimize your ad spend using the on going decision framework.

  1. Determine New Lead Conversion Time
  2. Evaluate New Lead LTV using New Lead Cohort
  3. New Lead ROI report
  4. Find the high ROI campaigns
  5. Optimize with the Campaign Explorer 
  6. Move losing spend within the campaign to the winning targeting/offers. Find low ROI adset/ad combos and move the spend to high ROI adset/ad combos
  7. Repeat
  8. Identifying the long tail hidden sale

At this point in your attribution journey with Wicked Reports, you should be able to see a valuable ROI on your annual investment in Wicked Reports through identifying bad ad spend avoidance, ad spend savings and/or revenue increases or long tail sales recognition. Plus knowing what causes people to buy in their journey with you.

Session #5 – Keep optimizing your ad spend together using the on going decision framework.

Session #6 – Keep optimizing your ad spend together using the on going decision framework.

At the end you'll have the option for on-going sessions if desired.

We designed this program after consulting and ramping up many clients who really needed to get a handle on what is causing sales. Our clients found that Wicked Reports is amazing, but also a complex set of tools.

Trying to wrap their heads around it just by watching some videos or reading about it left them with their brains thumping.

We put this together as an interactive and iterative process so that you can see if your data is all coming in correctly and if it makes sense with us looking over your shoulder and guiding you.

We guide you in context 1-one-1 on what your looking at. The content is set up executive style so you have exactly what you need to make better decisions using your data.

You will invest less than one hour per week preparing for our calls.

Then we can help you make magic happen, or at least it will feel that way. 

"Wicked and the coaching turned our preconceived ideas upside down. Being able to what closing the sale vs getting the lead was amazing . Seeing the journey quickly helped us do more of what works. Getting the whole team to understand the impact was an eye opener.  We have several teams that design funnels, different teams for ad platforms. Everyone before this claimed that their actions or ads where why a customer bought something.  Now we understand how to work better as a team and see how our playbook works best across multiple platforms and how we can improve on it.

To be honest we had been searching for a tool like this for over a year. Sam and Josh recommended it, and personally set up a time to  introduced us to the creators of Wicked. But we quickly realized that it was just a tool and without Josh and Sams patience and guidance to help us get our brains around it this would have failed. We like anyone else were impatient and wanted magic to happen in a week.

They took the time to understand what we were doing, guided us to get the data flowing clean and then it was really magical once we started understanding what we were looking at and how to start analyzing this from a very sophisticated way.  I thought this would be easy. It is once you take the journey the way they do it here. "

- Joella, Marketing Director of Harvest Gold Organics

Your guide in this journey is Josh Ovett
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